Bank on it Slots

Bank on It Slots is a simple slots game with just one payline and three reels with a couple of added extras. This game has a progressive jackpot and in addition there is also a special piggy bank feature that can be broken open. Players can place one, two or three coins per spin when playing the Bank On It Slots game. Naturally it is best to place as many coins as possible giving the player the highest payouts and in this game the player can choose his coin size reaching as high as $10 per coin giving a maximum bet of $30.

Great Wins and Smashing the Piggy Bank

All of the symbols in this game are familiar and appear in the classic slots games with the red 7 being the highest paying symbol. Three of the red 7's with a three coin bet awards the player the progressive jackpot, with a two coin bet the player receives 800 coins and with a one coin bet the player receives 400 coins. There is an additional feature in this game that involves filling the piggy bank. Every time the player lands blanks on the screen the value of his bet is moved to the piggy bank and when he lands three of the piggy symbols on screen the player sees the piggy bank break open and the player wins the value of the piggy bank. Bank On It slots is simple clean fun that gives players a wonderful experience playing standard slots in addition to the extras of the piggy bank and the progressive jackpot.