Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Not many people are aware how much of an influence Pharaoh was on the modern world and in Pharaoh's Gold game that has just three reels and three paylines players will get a small taste of the importance of Pharaoh and his influences in the modern world. This game can be played for fun but as the player will soon see there is not much to learn and it is best just to start placing real money bets as soon as the player clicks on to the game. Players can choose coin sizes starting at $0.05 and reaching as high as $5. The player can place one, two or three coins per spin.

Earning the Highest Payouts

The highest payout is awarded for three of the masks that appear on each of the paylines. On the first two paylines the player wins 50 coins and on the third payline the player wins 100 coins. All of the other payouts can also be viewed online next to the main reels of the game. This is a simple and somewhat rewarding game to play.