Sevens and Stripes Slots

Patriotism comes in all sorts of forms and none is more evident than the red white and blue of the flag that waves across the nation and gives everyone that sees it a warm fuzzy and protected feeling. Sevens and Stripes slots game is a definite patriotic game that offers players just one payline and the opportunity to place one, two or three coins per spin. The ultimate win in this game is a progressive jackpot and the more players that place real money bets the greater the jackpot grows.

Patriotic Symbols Lead to Huge Wins

All the symbols in this game are red, white and blue with the red, white and blue 7's being the highest paying symbols after the red bars. The highest payout is given for landing a red 7, followed by a white 7 followed by a blue 7 on the payline. With this combination the player earns the highest payouts and when he has placed a three coin bet and lands this combination he wins the progressive jackpot. With a two coin bet the player wins 4800 coins and with a one coin bet the player wins 2400 coins. Players can choose coin sizes that range from $0.05 up to $5, it does not take much to calculate how high the winnings can get in this very patriotic and easy to play slots game.