IRIS 3000 Slots

The nuclear reactor is never far away when playing I.R.I.S. 3000 slots that has five reels and one payline. This game is unlike regular slots games, there are five reels and a payline and that is where the regularities end. Players can place a set coin size per spin of $0.50 and use up to 3 coins per bet with a maximum of $1.50 per spin. Symbols in the game include bio hazard signs, electrical hazard signs, gold bars and radiation hazards.

Nuclear Payouts

Apart from the five positions on the reels, there are two additional doors that can be opened at the start of a spin by lasers. If the doors open the player receives an extra bonus of 2x-10x the coin bet placed on the winnings earned. The highest payout is awards when five of the radiation hazard symbols appear on the screen, giving the player the progressive jackpot. The addition of the multipliers from open and closed doors, gives players more chances to win with extra bonuses that add to the winning opportunity of the game that is totally nuclear.